Nissan Surf-Out Electric Pickup Concept Is a See-Through Mini Truck!

Is this the next Nissan Frontier?

nissan surf-put electric pickup truck concept

Nissan unveils its vision for the future and an electric pickup truck is part of it. Meet the Nissan Surf-Out concept. It shows Nissan’s vision for the future of compact EV pickups. It’s a two-door regular cab with a relatively large bed that flows directly into the back of the cab for an open-air experience.

Could this be a hint of what the next Nissan Frontier pickup will look like?

Nissan does not specify power output, performance figures, payload, towing, or any other detail about this concept. However, the company says that this concept is meant to use the modular all-electric chassis with the ASSB (all-solid-state battery).

Check out the other images the company provides.

Here is one of our latest videos with a new 2022 Nissan Frontier pickup truck. This is our MPG loop and acceleration test.