Video: We Didn’t Expect This…Here’s What adding a Camper To Your Pickup Does to Your Fuel Economy!

Sponsored Post by Four Wheel Camper

Our friends at Four Wheel Camper sent us this RAM 3500 4×4 with a Norweld aluminum flatbed onto which they mounted their fully-spec’d Hawk pop-up camper last summer. It’s an impressive overlanding rig thanks to a lift and its 37-inch mud-terrain tires. And thanks to the 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel under the hood and the optional 50-gallon fuel tank, this set-up delivers a phenomenal highway range. We wanted to see exactly what the highway fuel efficiency is and how it compares to an unlaiden Ram HD 2500 truck.

RAM 4WC Overlander
The Four Wheel Camper/RAM3500 4×4 in its preferred element: On the trail, going deep into empty spaces. [image: TFL]

Four Wheel Camper / RAM 3500

Thanks to the aluminum flatbed on the RAM 3500, Four Wheel Camper can put its most spacious camper on top and install many of the same features as found on the Isata RV above. Toilet? Yes. Shower? Yes. Comfortable sleeping for 3-4? Yep. Hot water and heat? Check. Refrigerator/freezer? Of course. It even has an awning. Granted it’s a much tighter fit, but it works.

Take a look at the video for all the highway MPG fun.