Delayed: Tesla Moves All Cybertruck Production Into 2022

Delays have been fairly common this year, so this isn't too shocking

2022 Tesla Cybertruck
We’re still playing musical chairs to determine which EV truck will actually make it to market first. (Images: Tesla)

First Rivian, and now the Tesla Cybertruck is delayed into 2022.

If you’ve been following the trajectory of new launches across the automotive industry, this piece of news is disappointing — but not really that surprising. Tesla Cybertruck production, which originally aimed to kick off this year, will now be delayed in 2022. Some trucks — namely the top end tri-motor model — were supposed to arrive on this side of the new year.

Now though, according to recent reports, the rear-wheel drive single motor and all-wheel drive dual-motor trucks will arrive first next year. Tesla will build all versions of its new truck at its Austin, Texas gigafactory.

Late last month, Tesla also delayed its Semi production into 2022. The general consensus was that the company would push back the Cybertruck too — and now that’s official.

2022 Tesla Cybertruck

Rivian and GM are still slated to launch this year.

In the frustrating wait to see which automaker blinks first in the EV truck race, GM is still slated to build the first GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 trucks this fall. Right now, Rivian says it will begin building the R1T pickup and R1S SUV in September, after it once again delayed the launch from this summer.

That puts the Tesla Cybertruck in third place at present, though it is still ahead of the forthcoming electric Silverado and the electric Ram, the latter of which won’t be out until 2024, per Stellantis. If you’re interested in the Cybertruck, Tesla still has reservations open with a $100 refundable deposit.