GMC Is Working On A Full-Size Electric Pickup To Complement The Hummer EV: Report

Will it be an electric Sierra? That's *not* clear yet, but another full-size electric GMC pickup is on the way

electric GMC confirmed — news
GMC’s Sierra may get an electric variant like its Silverado cousin, or the brand’s next EV truck could be a completely new model. (Image: GMC)

GMC confirmed in a conference call that a new full-size electric pickup is coming.

Detroit News brought out the news Monday that GMC Global Vice President Duncan Aldred confirmed a new full-size electric GMC Monday. While he did not specifically refer to it as an electric Sierra — though that is a possibility — the company is going at full speed to prep its “Factory Zero” plant to kick off electric truck production. The Detroit-Hamtramck facility will start production on the Hummer EV truck later this year, with the SUV version and an electric Chevy Silverado to follow thereafter.

It’s not immediately clear when this truck would arrive. However, Aldred said on the subject:

“Not only will we be offering electrification in the form of the Hummer truck and SUV, but we’ll also be revealing and confirming a GMC electric version of the pickup truck, as well, in due course.”

chevy silverado ev 1500
GM gave little detail on its upcoming electric Silverado, but is aiming for 400+ miles of unladen range when the truck does launch sometime in the next

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