News: Could This Be the New Toyota Stout Mini Truck?

Is this a hint at a Toyota Tacoma EV?

toyota epu electric mini truck stout pickup debut

Behold the new Toyota EPU concept pickup truck that Toyota is rolling out at the Japan Mobility 2023 auto show. This concept is about 16 feet long and six feet wide. This is about the same size as a current Ford Maverick compact pickup. Could this concept point to a future production Toyota Stout or a Toyota Tacoma EV? Let’s dig deeper.

Toyota does not release any powertrain information, but the company says that this concept is electric. It has relatively aggressive all-purpose tires, so this concept may feature a dual-motor system to offer all-wheel-drive capability.

The tailgate folds in half to offer a built-in extendable bed capability. The dash and the controls are futuristic. This concept pickup has a yoke instead of a standard steering wheel. This yoke appears to be much like the one in the new Lexus RZ electric crossover.

Here is our original story about the Ford Maverick. The Maverick remains very popular. Ford can barely build enough of them. The demand is high. Toyota could potentially sell a lot of these since the interest in a Toyota Stout compact pickup remains high.

Would an electrified mini truck be just as popular, less so, or more popular? Please let us know in the comments below.