Owner: I Drove My Ford Raptor 30,000 Miles and Made Money When I Sold It

2017 2018 ford f-150 raptor sale made money
images by Theo Sison

Here is a quick story behind a 2017 Ford Raptor that our friend Theo purchased nearly two years ago on the used market. He drove this Raptor for about 30,000 miles. He towed a travel trailer with it, took it off-road, helped people during a snowstorm, and used it for his business. He just sold the truck to a dealer and made “about 12% over the price he paid for it in early 2020.” (According to Theo.)

Theo reached out to us last year, and we made several videos together. The current pickup truck market is so tough that all trucks are going up in value. High-end trucks like this Ford F-150 Raptor may bringer a high price during resale. Semiconductor and other component shortages are preventing all manufacturers from building as many pickup trucks as they need to. Many factories are being idled or temporarily shut down.

4WD trucks and SUVs are still in high demand. Who would have thought a four-year-old pickup truck would actually be a positive short-term investment. If you are interested in more used pickup trucks and SUVs for sale – take a look at the TFLbids.com auction site.

Here is the first video we did together with Theo.

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