This 35-Foot Toy Hauler Trailer Has Everything, Including a Garage For Your Jeep: TFL Camper Corner (Video)

It doesn't come cheaply, though

ATC Game Changer Pro 2917 toy hauler trailer
The ATC Game Changer Pro Series toy hauler. (Photo: Complete Trailers)

This 35-foot toy hauler trailer is a Game Changer — literally.

In this episode of TFL Camper Corner, Andre takes a look at one of the most gigantic toy haulers we’ve covered so far. ATC Trailers builds a whole range of bumper pull and fifth wheel trailers, and their toy haulers are called the “Game Changer” series. Here, we’re looking at the Game Changer Pro series, which adds some more premium features to these trailers ranging from 20 to 46 feet in length.

From its foundation, this toy hauler is all aluminum, with this ‘2917’ model bearing a gross vehicle weight of 13,200 pounds. While you can get smaller and lighter models, this one falls at least slightly outside the capability of half-ton trucks. The trailer sits on two 6,000-pound axles (smaller versions get 5,200-pound axles), and this model has a payload capacity of 5,654 pounds. Overall, the 2816 model is 35-1/2 feet long and 11-1/2 feet tall, with an exterior width of 8-1/2 feet.

Inside, ATC offers different accommodations depending on which model you choose. The 2917 version, specifically, has a 60×80-inch residential queen bed up front with large storage cabinets. In the rear compartment, there’s a porcelain RV-style toiler and a one-piece fiberglas shower, as well as a refrigerator, stove top, a fold-down counter and more cabinets for storage. For power, there’s a 50-Amp distribution panel with both 120V and 12V power outlets, as well as a smart TV in the living area. The 2917 has a 100-gallon fresh water tank and 45-gallon gray and black water tanks.

What’s in the Pro Package

The ATC Game Changer 2917 comes in around $65,000 or so, while this Pro series comes in at $85,000. That is a serious chunk of change, so what do you get for the extra money?

According to ATC, the Pro package adds in a recessed airline track tie down system, for a start. Beyond that, you get upgraded EPS R7 wall insulation, adjustable shelving within the cabinets, and a configurable track system for the dinettes, sofas and tables. Bonded frameless windows are part of the package, as are two curb-side scene lights, 12-volt remote-controlled roof vents, black exterior trim and Goodyear tires on premium aluminum wheels.

Check out more on this high-end toy hauler in the video below, and let us know what you think: