News: Lightship L1 Is a Camping Travel Trailer That’s Electric & WILL NOT Cost You Any Extra Fuel to Tow!

lightship l1 electric camping travel trailer

The all-new all-electric Lightship L1 camping trailer is here. It’s an innovative new design that may redefine the future of the camping travel trailer industry. While the electrically propelled trailer concept is not new, the way that Lightship is integrating it into this large 27-foot pop-up luxury trailer is unique. Here are all the details.

When in its “Road Mode” the trailer is low and sleek. The total height while in transit is 6′ 9”. When the camper is fully expanded it offers 7’6” of standing height inside (and a total height of just around 10 feet). The travel trailer’s total Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is 7,500 lbs. Lightship does not currently state the payload capacity of this trailer. Since it is a 7,500 lbs trailer – it means that most full-size half-ton and heavy-duty pickup trucks will tow it with ease. However, how come it doesn’t decrease the efficiency of the tow vehicle? It’s because the Lightship is packing a large 40 kWh or 80 kWh battery onboard. It powers its own trailer wheels and reduces the towing efficiency loss to nearly zero (according to the company). The trailer offers up to 3 kW of solar panel power generation, and it can sustain up to 7 days of off-grid camping and electric use for appliances.

The Lighship L1 trailer can sleep 4-6 people depending on the configuration, and it has enough energy on-board to sustain a 300-mile trip with near-zero efficiency loss for the tow vehicle.

The Lightship L1 is planned for production in 2024 with a starting price of $125,000.