Video: Camper Corner Is Back with This ATC Game Changer Pro Toy Hauler!

This camper has around 5,000 lbs of payload!

TFL Camper Corner is back! If your house had wheels, this new ATC Game Changer Pro Series toy hauler would be it. This aluminum 5th-wheel trailer is light enough to be pulled by a 2500-series heavy-duty pickup truck. Yet, it’s large enough to house your family and your big toys!

Thanks to our friends at Complete Trailers for making this Camper Corner episode possible. They have locations in Texas, California, and Colorado.

Nathan and I take a whole tour around this spacious new camping trailer and load up a Honda Pioneer 1000-5 side by side in the back of it. This ATC trailer has approximately 5,000 lbs of payload capacity. It’s 37-foot long, but it is not the largest trailer that ATC makes. If you want more capability you can step up to triple-axle 45-foot model. This ATC is still super easy to use and convert being a garage to being a dining room or a bed room.

Join us in the video below.