Did You Know Mexico & Central America Are Buying Up All of Our Cool Old Toyota Trucks?

Perhaps somebody is filming the next Back to the Future movie?

old toyota truck
image: Kenny Crawford

Here is something we didn’t know was happening. We recently received these images of transporter trucks hauling large quantities of old Toyota (and Nissan) trucks south of the border. What’s going on here? We published one of the images on our TFLtruck Youtube community page and many of you responded.

Here is one comment from the page: “There is a high demand for these types of small trucks in Mexico and Central America. We live in Texas close to the border and we go up north to bid on these trucks. Most of them we already have sold by the time we are taking them back south.

It’s no secret that international used car and truck trade happens every day, and has been going on for decades. Still, it’s a bit odd to see these transport trucks loaded to the gills with interesting old Toyota trucks.

While the image above was taken near Houston, Texas, the next image was taken by @earlsredneck_dad near Marion, North Carolina. This is a completely different transport truck, but it is also full of old Toyota pickup trucks.

toyota truck mexico sale
image: @earlsredneck_dad

If you can shed some more light on this topic, please let us know in the comments section below. Why are many of these old Toyota trucks are selling to Mexico and Central America? We understand these are still very tough trucks and the older 22re Toyota engines are legendary. Is it a better deal to buy these in the U.S. and sell in other countries? It must be…

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