Owner: My 2018 Ford Raptor Has a Broken Suspension after Sitting in the Driveway…

2018 ford raptor broken spring
Images: Darrell R.

Darrell R. sent us the following report:

Got a question for you. I am an owner of a 2018 Ford Raptor. She’s been nearly a pavement princess. This Saturday, I walked outside to see my Baja blaster in a state of lean towards the driver’s front corner.  I suspected a flat only to find the tire inflated and tucked up into the wheel well.  Upon inspection, the front coil spring snapped while parked in the driveway overnight.  I have about 28,300 miles on it and have never really off-roaded it (Sorry, I’m sure you guys are laughing a bit).

Anyway, I can’t find anything on the internet of this being an issue specific to Raptors, but see a lot of Ford-related coil spring failures. In my opinion, this is a major safety concern.  If this happened out on the road, there would have been poo in my pants and possibly a really ugly accident. Below are some pics. The question is – what do you guys think?

Side note, I am a former GM powertrain engineer (9 years at Milford proving grounds). To me, this is a part that should only fail after many, many years of use and or years in an extremely corrosive environment – like 10 to 15 years.  Oh, and before you ask, – if you are a GM’er, why buy Ford? …..Um, I am still waiting for GM to make a Raptor/TRX competitor, just like you guys.  A 6.2L V8 with a blower, 10 speed, big shocks, lift, and big tires! Right?  I bet they’d sell every one, instantly.

Hello Darrell, we have not seen or heard of this type of failure on a newer truck like this. I am glad that you and everybody else are fine, and you are able to fix the truck.