Elon Musk and Tesla Cybertruck Show Up at the Texas Plant, But NO CHANGE…

When will we see the production Cybertruck?

2022 tesla cybertruck texas
images: Tesla

Elon Musk and a Tesla Cybertruck prototype show up at the Austin, TX Giga Factory – but the prototype truck shows no changes when compared to the prototype that was originally shown. The CEO of Tesla visited the construction site of the Giga Factory in Austin, Texas – and reportedly spoke with the workers who are building the factory and preparing the site for the production of the Tesla Cybertruck.

No other news about the upcoming production version of the electric truck has been announced. Recent statements by Elon Musk suggest that the production Cybertruck will be a little smaller in dimensions versus the prototype that showed up this week in Texas. The production truck is supposed to have no door handles. Tesla says that other Cybertruck updates will be available in Q2 of 2021 (which started in April).

Elon Musk made statements that Tesla is looking to hire many people in the Austin, TX area to help with the production of the truck. First examples of Cybertruck are said to start production by the end of this year (late 2021).

Those people who made Cybertruck reservations have received no updates yet. At least those people who requested a dual-motor AWD version of the Cybertruck. Here is a screenshot from a Tesla Account page with a Cybertruck reservation.

tesla cybertruck

This same message “You will be able to complete your Cybertruck configuration as production nears.” has been there for months.

In the meantime, Rivian says that it will be making first customer deliveries of the R1T all-electric pickup truck in June 2021. GM says that the first 2022 GMC Hummer EV trucks will be on sale in the fall of 2021. What about other major truck manufacturers? Ford says that their all-electric F-150 EV truck will come out in 2022. Stellantis has not shared any plan about further electrification of their Ram truck in the United States.

Here is our first experience with the Tesla Cybertruck.