Behold the All-New Peterbilt 579 Big Rig! Does It Change the Game?

Check out the 15-inch fully digital gauge cluster.

2022 peterbilt 579 big rig digital diesel truck
(images: Peterbilt)

There is a new big rig in town – the redesigned Peterbilt 579! We have seen several prototypes of this new semi-truck testing in the wild before, but the truck makes its official world debut this week. The overall styling may not seem new at first, but look closer. The new truck’s nose is much lower and narrower than ever before. The truck is much more streamlined for better aerodynamics, and Peterbilt says all the changes (including the latest turbo-diesel engine and a smart cruise control system) result in a 7% fuel economy improvement over the older generation. A 7% improvement in efficiency is a very big number in the world of big and heavy Class 8 trucks. At current fuel prices, the added efficiency can save around $2,000 per year if driving around 100,000 miles annually.


The latest truck still offers a wide variety of turbo-diesel engines. One of the most powerful and efficient is the new PACCAR MX-13 engine that can be configured to 510 hp and 1,850 lb-ft of torque @ 1,000 rpm. The power can be sent to the ground via several transmission choices. PACCAR offers a 12-speed automated transmission among several others.


The new Peterbilt 579 aims to offer more technology options than any other model. Monitoring all major systems of a semi-truck is critical to its safe operation, and the new 15-inch digital gauge cluster delivers the information and allows for different configurations.

The dash, console, and steering wheel are much like on a new pickup truck. The buttons and switches on the steering allow the drive to set and control the adaptive cruise control function, gauge selections, menus, stereo system, and much more. Let us know what you think about this layout and the digital gauge cluster itself in the comments below.

Peterbilt also made the truck quieter at speed and more comfortable than before. Here are several other looks at the new truck’s features and interior appointments. Oh yea, the rear sleeper cab can be equipped with a 32-inch TV as well.

TFLtruck looks forward for an opportunity to drive the new Peterbilt 579 soon.

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