Owner Review: This New Ford Raptor Costs $54,545 – So They Do Exist

Is this the most affordable new Raptor ever purchased?

2019 ford f-150 raptor cheap new price

Here is a Ford Raptor that belongs to Corey. It’s a 2019 model super cab (aka. extended cab), and it has just one piece of optional equipment. The sticker price for this Raptor is $54,545 when purchased. We know that it’s technically possible to order a base Raptor like this, but we have not seen one in the wild. Thanks to Corey for sharing the story behind this truck!

A few days ago we published a story showing a new 2020 Ford Raptor crew cab with a sticker price of just over $57,000. Now, here comes a Raptor with an even more affordable price.

Here is what Corey writes:

With all the chatter about Ford Raptors being affordable, I figured I’d show mine! I attached the window sticker and the dealer actually knocked a couple thousand off of MSRP when I purchased it new in March 2019. It might be one of the cheapest new Gen-2 raptors ever purchased. I can’t say enough about the guys at Park Ford in OH. I prefer the looks of the super cabs and although it was a challenge to find, it was well worth it. Unicorns do exist! This one just happened to have a lower sticker price than my 2013 F150 FX4 which is still hard for me to believe. I don’t think I’ll ever sell or trade this truck!

Since the purchase, I’ve put 35k trouble-free miles on it without a single trip to the dealer. On the highway unloaded at 70mph (without my foot in it), I actually average about 20 MPG – which is better than my last EcoBoost F150. That’s impressive for the hills in the Appalachia for any truck. On the flat ground (by the coast during vacation) it was stretched to 22.5 MPG traveling at 65 mph. Of course, it’s mentally difficult to keep slower speeds, as this truck is too much fun. The shorter super-cabs are a bit quicker than the crews.

P.S. It would be nice to see a super-cab go through some of your off-road tests. I think the shorter wheelbase would show what the raptor was originally designed to do! They’re much harder to find though and the guys who have them hang onto them. The last search I did had 0 available for sale, new or used, within 500 miles of my location. That’s essentially the entire northeast US.