Owner Review: Is This Ram 1500 Classic the Most Affordable New V8 4×4 Truck?

Can you find one cheaper?

2022 ram 1500 v8 hemi classic 4x4 regular cab short bed
images by Sean D.

TFLtruck is currently on a search for the most affordable brand-new full-size pickup truck. It may just be a new Ram 1500 Classic. We hope to purchase it this month.

Sean D. just purchased this truck and here is his story. Sean writes:

“I heard in one of your videos you guys are looking to buy a Ram 1500 Classic regular cab short box as it is the cheapest half-ton available. I just took delivery of my custom order after 11 weeks of waiting and am loving my new (and already “classic”) truck. It brings me straight back to the DaimlerChrysler era, perhaps my favorite automotive design period of all time.

Anyway, just want to wish you good luck in getting one. Currently, there are $1,825 combined incentives on these. I’m really interested to see what you could do with the truck.

ram 1500 v8 4x4 sticker price

I negotiated the price down to $43,826 before rebates when I ordered, which was just shy of 4% under MSRP (which at the time of order was $45,510 but jumped up to $46,640 while the truck was being built.) The final damage was $47,285, which includes taxes and fees and the aforementioned $1,825 incentives from Chrysler. The truck is a V8 4×4.

I’ve attached the window sticker below. I ordered it through Cerritos Dodge in California.

Perhaps the most noteworthy equipment is the vinyl seats and floor which I love. They seem to hold up far better than the cloth seats from many examples of used trucks I’ve seen. The Power and Remote Entry Group is a very worthwhile option as it gives you power windows and door locks, heated mirrors, and nice padded door panels.

All the pictures were taken by myself. Please feel free to share.

One final thing, if you’re searching on Autotrader, the Classics aren’t actually such named but are instead simply called 1500 and are lumped together with the new generation, so the best way to narrow down your search is to specify cab size. Good luck on your truck hunt.

What do you think? Can you find a brand new V8-powered 4×4 full-size pickup truck for less?

We hope to buy our new 4×4 full-size pickup truck with a price below $40K. Our story will come into focus soon.