Owner Review: This $57K Brand New 2020 Ford Raptor May Be a Unicorn

Just look at the price and that huge payload rating!

2020 ford f-150 raptor price
images: CJ Herrera 

We recently published a TFL Talkin’ Trucks podcast episode about our ownership experiences with a new 2020 Ford Raptor and a 2021 Ram TRX. In this show, we mentioned that we have never seen a “base” affordable Ford Raptor for under $60,000 in the wild.

CJ Herrera wrote us an email (at ask@tfltruck.com) to show us his base new 2020 F-150 Raptor crew cab that he purchased for $57,785. He shows us the window sticker, the payload rating, and the story behind the truck.

CJ writes:

I have always wanted a Ford Raptor, but I could never afford $80,000 or more for one. I have a cousin who at the time was the sales manager at Capitol Ford in Santa Fe, NM. All the Raptors they had in stock were pushing $80,000 or more, which was WAYYYY out of my price range. I told my cousin if you can find me one in the mid-50’s I would seriously consider it. Well as luck would have it, no more than two weeks later he calls me and said he found one at Stanley Ford in Texas. Keep in mind, this was in April of last year then the pandemic became very serious and many dealerships were closed and not making any money. 

To the best of my knowledge, I paid sticker price for it and nothing more. I am guessing because the dealer just wanted a sale to get it off their books so they don’t have to pay flooring costs. They even shipped it to Santa Fe and when I picked it up it only had 10 miles on it. To be specific to your questions, I did not have to special order it, I just got lucky we found one in stock. As far as the payload sticker on the door, it states 1,303 lbs (see attached photo). I guess this Raptor is a keeper because I will most likely never find a new one at this price ever again. Hell, a loaded 2021 F150 XLT is more expensive now. I also did make a road trip from Santa Fe (7,000′ above sea level) to Tyler, Texas (most likely sea level) and averaged almost 19 mpg empty. Keep in mind the cruise control was set at 72 mph. On the way back, towing a 4,000 lb travel trailer, I averaged about 9-11 mpg at 65 mph.

Thanks CJ for letting us know about how you found the truck. I am also very surprised about your Raptor’s payload rating. Ford has advertised a maximum 1,200 lbs payload rating for a crew cab Raptor. Most Raptor trucks I have seen and tested had a payload of around 1,000 lbs. This Raptor’s sticker says the truck is rated at 1,303 lbs of payload!

It’s great to see a more affordable Raptor like this out in the wild!