Year-End 2020 Sales Report: GM’s Combined Full-Size Truck Sales Overtake Ford F-Series (UPDATED)

Some truck sales slowed, but not as much as some cars and SUVs

Year-End 2020 Sales Report: Demand For Full-size Trucks Alive And Well, Despite Pandemic
While many full-size trucks faltered due to tough sales conditions this year, GM’s 2020 sales actually gained some ground. (Photo: GMC)

2020 was a tough year, but truck makers fared better than most.

As the 2020 sales report figures roll in, we get a much clearer picture how this year truly shook out for truck manufacturers. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, sales obviously slowed compared to 2019. That said, as they picked up again through the summer and into the fall, trucks helped bring most automakers back from an abysmal start to the year.

That headline more or less mirrors what we saw in earlier quarters. With a couple notable exceptions, truck sales held steady or actually increased from the pervious year. The Jeep Gladiator, for example, performed substantially better than you might expect. As of January 5, we’re still waiting for results from Ford. That said, the F-Series will likely come out on top if the universal constant throughout the past several years holds true. Update 1/6/21: Actually, that didn’t happen. Combined, GM trucks actually outsold the Ford F-Series, though Ford’s trucks (if you look at it as a single model) outsold the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra’s individual sales figures. It will be an interesting fight, though, to see how the Ranger fared against the all-conquering Tacoma and the rising Gladiator.

Year-End 2020 Sales Report: Demand For Full-size Trucks Alive And Well, Despite Pandemic
The Jeep Gladiator gained serious ground, but no midsize truck came into the same league as the Toyota Tacoma. (Photo: Toyota)

Midsize truck sales: Full-year 2020

Model2020 sales2019 salesChange (%)
Toyota Tacoma238,806248,801-4.6%
GM (COMBINED)*121,428*155,129*-21.7%*
Ford Ranger101,48689,571+13.3%
Chevrolet Colorado96,238122,304-21.3%
Jeep Gladiator77,54240,047+94%
Nissan Frontier36,84572,369-49.1%
Honda Ridgeline32,16833,334-3.5%
GMC Canyon25,19032,825-23.3%
*COMBINED: Colorado + Canyon sales
Year-End 2020 Sales Report: Demand For Full-size Trucks Alive And Well, Despite Pandemic
The Chevy Silverado 1500 more or less held steady, but the Silverado HD gained notable ground from this point in 2019. (Photo: Chevrolet)

Full-size truck sales: Full-year 2020

Model2020 sales2019 salesChange (%)
GM Trucks (COMBINED)847,010817,923+3.6%
Ford F-Series787,422896,526-12.2%
Chevrolet Silverado594,094575,600+3.2%
Ram Trucks563,676633,694-11.0%
-> Silverado 1500436,281438,686-0.5%
-> Silverado HD150,394131,953+14.0%
-> Silverado MD (4500-6500)7,4194,961+49.5%
GMC Sierra252,916242,323+4.4%
-> Sierra 1500179,139172,452+3.9%
-> Sierra HD73,77759,871+23.2%
Toyota Tundra109,203111,673-2.2%
Nissan Titan26,43931,514-16.1%
–TOTAL: 2,333,7502,491,330-6.3%

Update: An earlier version of the full-size truck charts included the Ram brand numbers (including vans), rather than just pick-ups. That was a clerical error going over the charts. We apologize for the confusion.

While we’re waiting on official numbers from Ford, the Tahoe is (currently) the best-selling full-size SUV of the year. The 2021 models arrived closer to the end of this year, so we’ll see how they fare in 2021. (Photo: Chevrolet)

Full-size SUV sales: Full-year 2020

Model2020 sales2019 salesChange (%)
Chevrolet Tahoe88,238101,189-12.8%
Ford Expedition77,83886,422-9.9%
GMC Yukon63,44074,673-15.0%
Dodge Durango57,82867,599-14.0%
Chevrolet Suburban37,63651,928-27.5%
Cadillac Escalade24,54735,424-30.7%
Infiniti QX8016,12519,113-15.6%
Lincoln Navigator15,25218,656-18.2%
Nissan Armada19,64032,044-38.7%
Toyota Sequoia7,36410,289-28.4%
Toyota Land Cruisers3,1473,536-11.0%

Update: An earlier version of this chart left off the GMC Yukon. Again, that was a clerical error. We apologize for any further confusion.