Mercedes eSprinter (2.0) Shows the Future of Electric Delivery Vans

It's coming to the United States!

mercedes esprinter
Images: Mercedes-Benz Vans

Mercedes-Benz announces the next generation of their all-electric Sprinter van platform. It is the eSprinter 2.0. Mercedes-Benz calls it the “Electric Versatility Platform”. eSprinter vans have already been on sale in several European markets for some time. This is the next generation of this platform that allows for several wheelbases, battery size, driving ranges, and body configurations. Most importantly, this new electric van is slated to come to the United States.

Mercedes is aiming for this next eSprinter to supplement its existing fleet of turbo-diesel powered Sprinter vans. This new eSprinter is meant to do work as a parcel delivery vehicle, short route shuttle service, commercial vehicles, and even an emergency vehicle such as an ambulance.

The whole goal of this project is to create a full-size van that can still do the same work as an internal combustion van in terms of total interior volume and payload capacity. This is why the battery module is mounted low within the floor/frame of the vehicle. There is an electric motor in the back, it’s rear wheel drive. Under the hood are additional high-voltage components.

More details about the battery sizes, driving ranges, power outputs, and pricing will be released at a later date.