Ask TFL: My Toyota Tacoma Crawl Control Does Not Work as Expected – What’s Going On?

The off-road system works differently in 2020 Tacoma trucks and newer.

2020 toyota tacoma crawl control problem

We recently received this question Neal about how the new 2020 Toyota Tacoma crawl control system works or doesn’t work. Neal writes.

I was curious if you knew that Toyota did some type of re-tune on the 2020 Tacoma? The CRAWL control doesn’t work the same as it has in the 2016-2019 model years.  I bought one as well as my son in February of this year.  The Crawl won’t go up hills or get you out of the sand as the previous years did.  If the truck has any resistance at all it deactivates or just stops.  I saw it in one of your videos and seemed to be a surprise to you guys that it did not continue. After many hours and speaking with Toyota dealerships as well as customer service it finally had come out they changed it. My friend has a 2016 Tacoma that will CRAWL up simple areas that mine won’t. I am very disappointed with what Toyota did.

The Toyota crawl control system works much like a cruise control system for driving at very slow speed on rough terrain. The driver does not operate the accelerator or the brake pedals. The driver focuses on steering.

When the truck’s 4×4 system is in low-range (4L), the driver can enable the system using a knob that is located on the interior ceiling panel. The system has five speed settings (from 1 to 5). The system is only active when the truck’s automatic transmission is shifted into Drive. If the transmission goes into “Park” or “Neutral”, the system will automatically disable. The system will also turn off if the driver’s door is opened. The system can also turn itself off if it was in operation for a “very long time”, according to the 2020 Toyota Tacoma owner’s manual.

Here are a couple of other screenshots of the owner’s manual related to the Crawl Control system.

It appears that the slowest Crawl Control speed setting “1” is meant more for downhill driving, similar to an older “Hill Descent Control” system. However, higher speed settings 2, 3, 4, and 5 are listed for uphill usage as well. TFLtruck reached out to Toyota corporate office for comment and still waiting for an official response on the Crawl Control system calibration and/or recent changes to the system.

Do you own a pre-2020 Tacoma and/or a post-2020 Tacoma in the U.S.? If so, please provide some of your comments and experiences related to the Crawl Control system.