Video: I Said This 75-Year-Old 1945 Chevy Would NEVER Run Again, Boy Was I Wrong!

Go for a drive, but it has no brakes!

1945 chevy box dump truck driving review

On this episode of TFLclassics, we drive a 75-Year-Old 1945 Chevy ton and a half.

Sure, it may look like a wreck, but this 1945 Chevy ton and a half is a runner, and it is owned by TFL Studio’s buddy David. Tommy had an opportunity to hop behind the wheel and take a spin in this time machine. It is remarkable how simple, yet capable a truck like this was. More importantly, it shows that (other than power, high-tech goodies, efficiency, comfort, safety, and capability), trucks haven’t changed that much.

Okay – they have changed.

Tommy (right) is in awe and terror as he grinds the gears. David (left) calmly instructs him on how to drive the truck.

It’s a very cool piece of rolling history. Originally owned by a furniture company, David guesses that it was initially a flatbed, before someone in agriculture converted the bed to a dumper. He bought this 75-Year-Old 1945 Chevy for $400 to help clear the rubbish on his parent’s property. During the video, David gives us great information about the truck’s history and what he’s done to keep it running.

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According to David, the 1945 Chevy ton-and-a-half has not had a significant tune-up since he bought it in the early 1990s. The head, carburetor, and transmission are in their original condition. At least, since it was purchased about 30 years ago.

Dog chases truck. It’s in the video.

This truck has a 216 cubic-inch straight-six that’s rated at 90 horsepower and 174 lb-ft of torque. It came with a four-speed manual transmission (1st is a granny gear). It also has a Power Take-Off (PTO) hydraulic system that actuates the dump bed.

Rated at 12,000 GVWR, this 1945 Chevrolet ton and a half was built from 1941- 1946. In the very near future trucks like this may be featured on our new site!

In this video, you’ll see Tommy blow his own little mind as he gets a deep-dive into the truck, AND takes it for a spin. By the way, this truck’s brake don’t work. Good luck!

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