Video: The Chevy Project Might Be Hiding a BIG Surprise, Or a Ruined Engine. Here’s What We’ve Learned!

This is the ’92 Chevy project truck with David. (Images: TFLtruck)
The Chevy project truck in question is a 1992 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 4X4 with a 9,200 GVW.

David, who has been featured in several videos with his trucks and other creations, recently purchased a one-ton 1992 Chevy project truck. We covered that purchasing adventure, but there have been several developments since. In this video, Tommy meets up with David and gives us a rundown on what’s happened, what’s happening and what will happen.

Here are some highlights about the 1992 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 in this video:

David learned that, under the junk in the bed, the Silverado hid a flip up gooseneck ball Remember: this is a one-ton truck with beefed up springs and heavy-duty underpinnings. It has a 9,200 GVW. At the same time, he looked up the RPO codes on the vehicle, which pointed to this truck not having a G80 mechanical limited-slip rear differential from the factory. Still, it could have been added later on.

One unusual feature the truck has is a extraordinarily heavy rear bumper that was custom built. Rater than replace it, David is updating and refreshing it. He believes it weighs about 200 pounds. Judging by Tommy’s expression, we believe him.

It may have had its engine rebuilt or swapped. David points to a few clues that highlight some questionable repairs and updates to the 454 cubic inch engine. On top of that, he thinks he discovered what is making the engine run poorly – a distributer assembly which is loose. He also performed a carbon monoxide test verifying that the head gasket is okay.

After removing about 30 pounds of dirt throughout the vehicle, he began repairing and replacing vital exterior components. The bed has been repaired and bed-lined, the hood is being resurfaced and he is replacing the wrecked driver’s door. On top of that, David stripped and repaired the interior.

This truck will reveal even more secrets in the future, but David is already looking ahead, including what type of look he wants for the wheels.

The 1992 Chevy project truck needed a name (all project trucks need a name) Tommy wanted “Jolly Rancher,” and viewers began to riot. David came up with “Powder Keg,” which is far more palatable, in many ways.

Enjoy the video!

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