Video: Below Freezing? No Problem! Here’s How The Four Wheel Campers Slide-In Truck Camper Handles The Winter Weather

2021 ford f250 camper crew cab 4x4

In this video: we see how does the Four Wheel Campers pop-up mounted in our 2020 Ford F-250 handle the cold winter weather.

We added a Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers lightweight slide-in camper to our long-term 2020 Ford F-250 awhile back. Now, we get to test it in freezing conditions. Andre has camped in the Four Wheel Camper pop-up several times over the summer. Naturally, that includes much warmer conditions in various locations. In this case, there’s no warmth at all: it’s freezing.

One of the reasons we chose Four Wheel Campers’ pop-up was its rugged construction. This camper was loaded on our project Ford F-250, which was converted for serious off-road capability. This combination was built specifically for our No Pavement Needed series. As such, the truck needed accommodations that are lightweight, rugged and utilitarian.

One of the concerns many camper consumers have with pop-ups is how they stay warm. Often, canvas components are not as efficient as the hard-sided equivalent when it comes to insulation. There are a variety of ways this camper keeps its occupants comfortable, this includes a gas heater with thermostatic control. Andre demonstrates the three-layer insulation used by the manufacturer, which helps keep the warmth inside.

Any issues?

Andre also addressed an issue he had with the camper in the past, and it’s something many pop-up owners have had experience with. It was difficult to lift the top the last time he was in a snowy climate. As such, he was unable to fully use the accommodations. Had he cleared the thick, heavy snow from the roof, it would not have been an issue. Unfortunately, even with the roof down, reaching the roof with a brush is problematic.

Prepare yourselves for a detailed tour of this camper and what it’s capable of handling in freezing conditions.

Check out this video, which we filmed for TFL’s Camper Corner below:

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