Video: An Affordable Way to Power Your Truck Camper or Party!

ram hd camper enernova solar generator battery portable sale black friday

Here at TFLtruck, we have used several different brands of portable power sources or solar generators. However, this is the first solar-powered battery bank I have used that is affordable. In this video, we use a new Enernova ETA solar generator to power a truck camper. Check it out.

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Power up your next gathering no matter where you are with Enernova. During Black Friday, be sure to explore Enernova’s ETA at the Enernova Amazon Store or at Enernova ETA for the year-round lowest prices.

This solar generator has a maximum output of 600 watts and a capacity of 288 Wh. This portable battery is relatively lightweight (8.8 pounds) and nearly silent (around 45 dB with a fan running). It can output a variety of voltage levels, including two 110-volt AC outlets. The battery itself is currently on sale for $199.

We were able to power this Ram HD truck camper’s lights and a ceiling fan. You can purchase a 100-watt or 200-watt solar panel to recharge this Enernova ETA battery. This battery and a 100w solar panel are currently on sale for $385 together.

Check out the video below for more details.