Video: The Toyota Sequoia Is The Most Underappreciated SUV – Here’s Why

Toyota Sequoia
Say what you’d like about full-size SUVs, but some folks really make the most out of their rigs. Check out this one in a “Viewer’s Rides” segment on

Toyota is one of the world’s largest manufacturers on Earth, and produces some of the most popular vehicles around. The Toyota RAV4, for example, sold nearly 450,000 examples just in the United States last year. The Toyota Camry and Corolla each sold well over 300,000 units each, meaning these three models alone made up nearly 6 percent all U.S. vehicle sales in 2019. So you’d expect such a gargantuan company with huge manufacturing capacity to move all its models in similar volumes…right?

Not quite. Toyota’s Sequoia SUV has been an outlier. In 2019, it sold just 10,289 examples. The RAV4 outsold it 45 to 1. Even the Tundra on which this SUV is based sold 11 times as many units (111,673 in total) as the Sequoia. Clearly it’s not seeing the love that some other Toyota models do in terms of sales, but in this video Andre’s here to explain why it’s one of the most underappreciated SUVs around.

The Toyota Sequoia has a gem of an engine

The Toyota Sequoia in the video below hails from 2007. That’s the year before Toyota shifted to the second-generation model, which it’s still producing today. The relatively few folks who bought these first-gen Sequoias tend to love them, and we’re right there with them. Why? That mainly comes down to what’s under the hood here: A good old 4.7-liter V8. This is the same engine, mind you, that lived in the million-mile Tundra.

The Sequoia is big, it’s practical and it’s robust. This one has just over 187,000 miles on the clock, or a distance Toyota owners would consider “just breaking it in”. It also came from the era when everything had curves, before we changed to the aggressive, blocky styling present in today’s models. The interior does sport a few odd touches, but overall owners we’ve spoken to (as well as the owner of this Sequoia below) are satisfied with these SUVs to the point that they don’t ever want to sell them.

Check out more on this underappreciated 2007 Toyota Sequoia below, and let us know what trucks you think deserve more (or maybe less) recognition.