This RV Sleeps 8 In Comfort and It has the 7.3L “Godzilla” Ford V8!

2021 ford rv motorhome
This is one massive Class-C RV!
(Images: TFLtruck)

This Class-C RV is massive and built to sleep eight!

Our friend Tony showed us his massive 31-foot Class-C RV and we were truly impressed. It’s a 2021 Entegra Esteem 31F based on a Ford F-450 RV chassis. Among many of its unique features, this RV has an overhead sleeping area that has a real window. That may seem trivial, but very few RV builders allow for that feature nowadays.

He purchased it in Dallas Texas and is in the process of driving it, and his family, back to Portland, Oregon. Along the way, they are taking in the sights and Tony was gracious enough to swing by the studios to do an episode of TFL’s Camper Corner with us.

While it’s a bit lower on power than the 7.3-liter V8 we have in our Ford F-250 project Super Tremor, it still has pretty good grunt.

Including himself, Tony’s family consists of seven humans – both big and small. He wanted a comfortable motor home to be an actual residence that he can enjoy as they see the country.

Among its many interesting features, this Class-C has one of the largest slide-outs we’ve ever seen. Nearly 75-percent of the driver’s side can extend about a foot outward, giving the residents ample living space.You can access the rear bedroom through the bathroom when the slide-out is closed. Otherwise, the hallway to the back bedroom is impassable.

Another cool note about the slide-out:

Automated jacks reside underneath. With a push of a button, they will automatically level and stabilize the RV. To do this, the engine must be on. Then, to open the slide-out, the engine must be off. It only takes a moment to fully extend, and it’s a quite process to boot.

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