Should a Cadillac Escalade Off-Road Truck Come to Production? What Powertrain Would You Put In It?

Could it be a Hummer EV in different clothing?

2023 cadillac off-road truck ev electric
image: @generalmotorsdesign

GM’s official Instagram account @generalmotorsdesign drops another sketch. This time it’s a Cadillac that is riding on giant wheels and has huge ground clearance. Indeed, it is simply a design study done by @andrewcmillan ⁠- but it makes us think. Should Cadillac bring an off-road focused premium SUV and/or truck to the market.

The company is developing and testing the new 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickup truck and SUV. Why not share this Ultium battery-electric platform and chassis with Cadillac for a new type of vehicle? We have no official word from Cadillac or GM about such a project.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Should Cadillac go in this direction? If they do, should they make it all-electric, hydrogen fuel-cell electric, or stuff a big 6.2-liter gas V8 in there?

The all-new Hummer EV is scheduled to make its world debut on Oct 20, 2020.