Raptor Beware: 2021 Toyota Hilux Mako Is The Top Dog Off-Road Truck!

Would you buy a Tacoma Mako in the United States?

2021 toyota hilux mako 4x4 ford raptor

Toyota introduces a new top dog Toyota Hilux 4×4 truck. It’s called the Mako package, and the truck is equipped to go up directly against the Ford Ranger Raptor. Here is everything you can get with this most off-road focused Toyota truck. It begs the question. Would you be willing to pay more for a Toyota Tacoma TRD Mako package? This truck can be a fierce off-road shark for any market.

Toyota Hilux Mako

The Hilux is a very popular midsize pickup truck in many parts of the world. It’s often the class-leading seller. It’s the brother truck to the Toyota Tacoma that is available in the United States. The newest Mako package takes this already tough small truck to the next level of off-road capability.

The Mako gets a suspension lift with modified springs and premium ARB Old Man Emu BP-51 shocks. In the front is an aggressive bumper with a built-in light bar, a giant skid plate, and red tow hooks. On the side is a purposeful rock-rail / sidestep. The truck rides on 18-inch wheels wrapped in Maxxis RAZR all-terrain tires. Unique fender flares finish out the profile of the truck.

Take a look at the short preview video below from Toyota New Zealand.

In the rear, there are several “Mako” badges on the bedsides and the rear bumper. There are two more red tow hooks near the hitch receiver as well. The truck is equipped with mud flaps and a bed liner. This truck is also listed with very impressive payload and towing specifications. The maximum payload is at 2,068 lbs. The maximum towing capability is set at 7,700 lbs. All of the off-road gear does not appear to decrease the truck’s weight carrying capability by much.

The Mako power still comes from a 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbo-diesel. It’s rated at 150 kW and 500 Nm or (201 horsepower and 368 lb-ft of torque).

The interior is where the Mako is seriously targeting the Ford Ranger Raptor. Just take a look at those race-inspired front seats and that special steering wheel with the “12 o’clock” marker.

Weirdly, this special off-road edition is only available for the New Zealand market and in very limited numbers. 250 of these trucks are slated for production.

What about price? The Hilux Mako is said to retail at around $79,900 in New Zealand. This equivalent to about $52,600 in the US. For comparison, a Ford Ranger Raptor has a list price of $84,990 in New Zealand.

What do you think? Should Toyota offer an ultimate off-road package in the United States that is similar to the Hilux Mako?