Deep Dive! We Talk to Torsus About Their Mighty Overland 4×4 Buses

We get all of the details from the Torsus CEO.

2020 torsus 4x4 bus man vw
This is the mighty Torsus Praetorian 4×4 bus/transport – and we get to interview the CEO in this podcast!

Torsus builds incredibly rugged transports overseas… but they may come here. Maybe.

For the past few months, TFLtruck and TFLoffroad have covered vehicles and news from Torsus. According to the truck-builder, they build the “World’s Toughest Buses,” and we believe them. They have two main platforms in which they base several variants on: the Praetorian and the Terrastorm.

Built on a MAN truck chassis, the The Praetorian packs an inline six-cylinder diesel that makes 240 hp and about 680 lb-ft of torque. It’s truly built to take a crew to any part of the non-liquid planet. The Praetorian is overbuilt and over-engineered for a variety of transporting tasks. It can be everything from a bus, ambulance, equipment hauler, mobile lab and even an over-landing explorer.

In many places, this vehicle requires a special license and special training to drive. It is massive, nearly as tall as a semi tractor’s trailer. On top of that, it’s not exactly cheap. As is the case, Torsus built a second vehicle. One that is much more user-friendly, less expensive and much smaller.

The Torsus Terrastorm is built on a European Volkswagen Crafter platform. It comes as a TT1 Coach and TT2 Nomad. Torsus substantially increases the vehicle’s off-road capability and toughness with significant in-house upgrades. While not as military-spec/capable as the Praetorian, it appears the Terrastorm will be formidable nonetheless.

You can read about the Torsus Praetorian (here) and the Torsus Terrastorm (here).

With all of that in mind, we jumped at the chance to interview Torsus’ CEO Vakhtang Dzukashvili on our new TFL Talk channel. This was a vary informative conversation, one that covered all the bases. More importantly, one that revealed what it will take for them to bring their vehicles to the North American market.

Later in the video, we discuss the truck-builder’s quick, reaction to building a COVID-19-safe setup for their vehicles. You can read about that story (here).

We we thrilled to have this opportunity. In the future, as new products and news rolls out, we look forward to talking to the Torsus team again.

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