OneControl RV Tech Revolution: Run Your Entire Camper With Your Phone

Lippert's OneControl app lets your control your RV from anywhere on earth.

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Lippert Components’ new OneControl app allows luxury RV owners to manage their camper’s features and monitor its electrical and tanks from any iOS- or Android-powered smartphone. The system also integrates with Ford’s SYNC infotainment system to let you monitor your RV from your Ford truck or SUV.

OneControl app command center

The Lippert system starts with the installation of a central systems control monitor inside the RV that’s connected to all the lights inside and out, the A/C unit(s), the slide-outs, the tanks, the TPMS in the trailer’s tires, the generator, and even the refrigerator if you’d like. From there, you download the app onto your smartphone, scan a code on the installed OneControl control module in the RV, and bingo! your phone is now connected to your RV. The app works just like the monitor panel in the RV.

Lippert OneControl mobile app
The OneControl app works on iOS and Android phones. [image: TFL]

On your phone, here’s what you can operate or monitor:

  • Lights – Check to see that all your lights are off before leaving camp for the day. Turn on/off any exterior lights. Same with interior lights
  • Awnings – Got some rain moving in? Deploy the awnings from your phone. Do the same when that rain turns into a driving thunderstorm with heavy winds. No need to leave your seat.
  • Slide-Outs – With the mobile app, you can stand outside the RV and watch the slide-out to see if you’ve got enough clearance between it and that rock or tree. And you can stop it from your phone if you don’t
  • Self-leveling – The app will work with the RV’s hydraulic jacks to self-level the RV after unhitching it. Time to go? The OneControl system recorded the RV’s height when it was being unhitched and can automatically return the RV to that height. No guesswork needed.
  • TPMS – Lippert’s TPMS system is dead simple, a monitor in the form of a cap that screws onto the top of each tire’s stem. Each tire’s temperature and pressure appears on the app’s screen.
  • Tank Levels – Monitor fresh, gray, and black water tanks to make sure you have enough drinking water and enough space for waste before you get to the campsite.
  • Generator – The OneControl app will let you know if you need to run a maintenance cycle–and then do it for you at the press of a button. It will also alert you to voltage issues and provide a troubleshooting list of causes and fixes.
  • Security – The app lets you password protect various functions so, say, your kids can’t grab your phone and go nuts opening and closing all the slide-outs and awnings until the motors burn out.
Grand Design Momentum 5th wheel
This Grand Designs Momentum series 5th wheel toy hauler features more tech than most homes! [image: TFL]

OneControl via Ford SYNC 3+

Lippert worked with Ford to integrate the OneControl app with Ford’s SYNC infotainment system. It works with SYNC 3 or more current versions. To load the app, simply connect your phone to the truck or SUV via Bluetooth or a cable. Once you do, a OneControl button will appear on the SYNC screen.

OneControl doesn’t let you operate the awnings from SYNC, or anything else that you shouldn’t mess with while rolling down the highway. But it does keep you abreast of any issues with tires, tanks, or your generator. From SYNC you can also turn on the A/C in the RV so that the camper is cooled to a comfortable temperature by the time you arrive at your campsite.

OneControl Ford SYNC
OneControl integrates with Ford SYNC to let you control your RV from your truck. [image: TFL]

Based in Indiana, Lippert Components is a global manufacturer and supplier of many core RV parts including windows, axles, chassis, slide-out mechanisms, and now the OneControl app. The app is available at either the Apple App Store or Google Play store. The app is free, but requires the installation of the OneControl system in your RV. Please see your dealer for installation and pricing costs.