Digging Deeper! Ford F-Series Regains Lead, But All Full-size Trucks Lose Sales Amidst Coronavirus (Sales Analysis)

Shutdowns and restrictions are hitting the truck market.

ford f-series truck
Full-size truck sales report (2020)

The second quarter of 2020 takes a big toll on the truck sales in the United States. All full-size truck manufacturers lose sales amidst the coronavirus.

Ford F-series regain the sales lead in Q2, but Ford truck sales are down -23% when compared to last year. Ford lists shutdowns and shelter-in-place restrictions as major factors for Q2 fleet truck sales decline.

Combined sales of the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra sales also declined, but the GM trucks lost -12%. The GMC Sierra (especially the HD version) were more popular than most.

Ram trucks took a big sales hit with a decline of -35%. The Ram truck lineup is still in third place for the quarter. The Toyota Tundra and the Nissan Titan also showed relative sales declines, but not as steep as some of the other manufacturers.

Full-size Truck Sales: Q2 2020

ModelQ2 2020Q2 20/19 %
Ford F-Series180,825-23%
GM Trucks* (Chevy + GMC)176,256-12%
-> Chevy Silverado-> 122,432-14%
-> GMC Sierra-> 53,824-5%
Ram Trucks117,448-35%
Toyota Tundra27,222-7%
Nissan Titan6,464-23%

General Motors Q2 2020 Sales: By model

GM sales are broken down by truck classification. They are reporting the 1500 half-ton trucks, separately from the HD trucks, separately from the medium duty 4500/5500/6500 trucks. Here are the latest numbers. While the “half-ton” truck lost ground as compared to Q2 of 2019, the heavy duty trucks are either holding steady or surging higher. Most noteworthy is the 8% sales increase for the new GMC Sierra HD trucks.

ModelQ2 2020Q2 20/19 %
Chevy Silverado 150089,465-19%
Chevy Silverado HD31,279-1%
Chevy Silverado MD 4500-65001,68863%
GMC Sierra 150038,825-10%
GMC Sierra HD14,9998%