Brand New vs. Classic Ford Pickup: Can I Teach A New Truck An Old Towing Trick? (Video)

World's first "Trophy Hitch" by Carli Suspension comes to the rescue.

One Ford pickup tows another.

We continue to build up our new “Super Tremor” overland truck. We gave the truck a suspension lift (by Carli Suspension) and 37-inch Falken tires. The truck has lots of clearance and a great ride, but there are still two problems we need to solve. We still do not have a place to store the spare tire, and the stock Ford hitch is a bit difficult to use when hooking up trailer chains.

We must be able to carry the spare tire with us. After all our goal is drive long distance, across many states on the TransAmerica trail for our “No Pavement Needed” video series. Towing a trailer is not a huge concern, but the F-250 is still a heavy duty truck. As such, it still must be able to do some serious hauling and towing work.

The answer comes courtesy of the world’s first “Trophy Hitch” by Carli Suspension. This is a brand new product that they completed development of. It’s a replacement heavy duty hitch for the Ford Super Duty trucks that can accommodate a 37-inch or 38-inch tire under the truck in the stock location. (The factory hitch can store a tire as big as 35 inches). The Trophy Hitch is also supposed to provide an easier trailer chain hookup solution.

First, we test the truck and the stock hitch by towing one of our project trucks – “Six Shooter”. This trailer weight is around 7,500 lbs. This should be child’s play for the big truck. However, it is carrying a fully stocked Four Wheel Camper, and it has the customized suspension.

Turns out the Carli Pintop suspension loves having extra weight put on it. The ride got even better after I attached the trailer to the truck. The 7.3-liter V8 provides decent power, but you can definitely tell the truck is carrying a camper and towing a trailer. We plan to give the truck a 5 Star tune very soon.

Check out the video below for all the details and to see how the new hitch solves the trailer chain hookup problem.