Ford F-Series Bed Swap! Project Six-Shooter Donates to Project F-350 Gunsmoke (Video)

Watch as project Six-Shooter donates its bed to project Gunsmoke.
(Images: TFLtruck)

Our 1989 Ford F-350 project Gunsmoke gets a new-ish bed

The TFLtruck/TFLclassics project truck we call Gunsmoke, has slowly gone through real transformation. We are in process of taking this truck to a new level before we auction it off for charity. We will send all of the proceeds to Mountain States Children’s Home in Longmont, Colorado.

In time, it will transform from a rusted out diesel to a beefy off-road basher.

On of the big steps is replacing its rusted-out bed. We purchased a F-150 that has a great body and other solid parts as a doner. Unfortunately, it’s SO good, we have been hesitant to strip it and/or destory it. It even gained a name of its own – Six-Shooter.

Here’s the video’s opening quote:

Today we pull the truck bed off of our Ford F-350 and replace it with the solid bed from our Ford F-150! This is a surprisingly big job and requires some power tools to make this happen. How does it look when complete? Watch the video to find out! ” – – TFLclassics

This task wasn’t easy…

Tommy and Kase have poured time, energy and a little bit of blood into this endeavor. They want the best results for their beloved trucks, and both are old truck fanboys. Fun times ahead!

Simply getting the trucks to the location was a bit of a challenge. They have sat for a while (during lockdown) and one needs to be loaded onto a flatbed for transportation. It’s a long drive and the boys are in for some real work.

Fortunately, our friend David (who initially donated Gunsmoke to us) provided a ton of help with the swap. He worked hard and used his ’74 Ford tractor to pull the beds, along with a bunch of elbow-grease.

Check out this video and see how it all came together!

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