Electric Ford F-150 Patent Discloses Battery, Frame, Motors, And Suspension Details (News)

The patent application describes a quad-motor setup

2022 Ford F-150 Electric chassis (photo: Ford patent)

2020 is shaping up to be a breakout year for electric pickup trucks. We expect to see the Rivian R1T later in 2020, built by the Plymouth, Michigan-based company into which Ford invested a substantial $500 million. Ford is also working on its own electric F-150, which should also emerge in more detail within the next year. Beyond that, we should also see Tesla’s new Cybertruck launch as well at some point. Now, though, we have more information about what an electric F-Series might look like by way of a patent application uncovered by a member of the Mach-E Club. The patent document details a four-motor version which may be in the works.

As it happens, the figures in the patent document only show a dual-motor setup. More specifically, the patent calls for a “body-on-frame electric vehicle with battery pack integral to frame,” showing a design that incorporates a “plurality of cross-members” to accommodate the battery pack. These cross-members are welded to the bottom plate securing the battery pack, adding strength to the overall structure. While the figure only shows two motors, the patent application describes a system that uses a motor powering each wheel.

Ford’s patent application says, “The added shear strength and structural stiffness provided by the bottom plate and center cross members can also permit the gauge or wall thickness of the left and right frame rails to be reduced from that of a typical body-on-frame vehicle.” That allows for lighter main rails, which would reduce cost and weight.

The patent application doesn’t specifically mention the F-150, nor does it speak of battery capacities, power outputs or any consumer-focused figures. However, we should know more within the next year, as Ford plans to launch the electric F-150 as early as 2021. Stay tuned to TFLtruck.com for more EV truck updates!