Wait! Did an AWD Tesla Cybertruck Pull a 2WD Ford F-150? Behind the Scenes Video

Did this F-150 Ever Get a Chance?

Ford F-150 vs Tesla Cybertruck

Here is a behind the scenes of the Tesla Cybertruck versus Ford F-150 tug of war exhibition video. Elon Musk, Tesla Motors CEO, published a longer clip of the tug of war to his twitter account over the weekend. It’s an interesting visual demo, but was the Ford F-150 given a far shot?

F-150 vs Cybertruck

First off, this video clip gives a very clear size comparison between the two trucks. Although, the two are truck are listed at about the same length of 231 inches overall, the Cybertruck still appears to be larger. It may be due to the Cybertruck’s longer wheelbase, larger tires, and slap-sided body panels.

The F-150 used in this test is a crew cab with a short 5.5-foot bed. Further inspection of the video suggests that it may have been a 2WD-only Ford truck. The front of the F-150 is low, it has an extra low front chin spoiler indicative of a 2WD F-150, and there is no 4×4 or FX4 badging on the Ford.

It’s not known whether the Cybertruck was a 2WD model, was using RWD mode only, or not. We reached out to Tesla Motors for official comment on this. [This post will be updated with additional comments as soon as they become available.]

There are many comments out there that state that the tug of war was a fair demonstration: the two trucks did not have comparable tires, the Ford had no extra weight over the rear axle, the Ford was not in 4×4, and more.

It’s obvious that Tesla is going after the best-selling Ford F-150. It’s not just this video. Tesla debut presentation also used a Ford F-150 aluminum door being hit with a sledgehammer.

It’s my opinion that the tug of war would have been more meaningful if the Cybertruck was lined up against a Ford F-150 Raptor. The Raptor has 4.10 differential gearing, 4×4 low range transfer case, and meaty all-terrain tires. It’s likely the Cybertruck would have still won the towing fight with its instant electric torque, and it would be an interesting spectacle.

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You can watch a slightly longer behind the scenes video of the two trucks tug of war via the embedded link below.

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