No More HEMI? Will Future Ram Trucks Use a New Gas Turbo Inline-6 Engine with eBooster Instead of a V8?

Will this turbo 6 eventually replace the HEMI V8?

2021 ram 1500 turbo gas i6 engine

What would you say if future Ram trucks no longer use a HEMI V8 engine, but a turbocharged straight-6 with eBooster electric assist that may be able to produce up to 525 horsepower? A recent patent filing and a report from point in this direction. (At this point, this is just speculation and not an official report from FCA or Ram.)

The FCA patent for a turbocharged gas engine is not that new, but the latest information we have is that it’s an inline six-cylinder gasoline powered engine that has the latest (EGR) Exhaust Gas Recirculation system for improved emissions. It may also include the latest eBooster system that can assist a traditional exhaust-powered turbocharger to eliminate lag and increase power.

FCA is currently using the eBooster technology on their smaller four-cylinder engines in Alfa Romeos and other vehicles.

Here is the FCA patent diagram that shows a six-cylinder inline engine, also known as GME-T6. The diagram shows two turbines, ERG air path, intercooler, spark, and fuel.

(source: FCA patent)

The concept behind this new engine is very similar to what Mercedes-Benz is using in many of their luxury vehicles as well. Mercedes is using an electrically-powered turbine wheel in addition to a traditional exhaust turbocharger turbine to help eliminate any power lag. The Mercedes system is also a mild electric hybrid with an electric motors that is sandwiched between their 3.0-liter straight-six engine and the transmission. This electric system also eliminates the serpentine belt. All engine accessories are powered electrically. This makes the overall engine shorter and able to fit under the hood of more vehicles.

It’s not clear whether FCA is also considering to combine this turbo-6 with an electric motor.

The report linked above states that this turbo I6 will be capable of up to 525 horsepower. This is surely enough power to propel a big truck like the Ram 1500 or a big SUV like the upcoming Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

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