All-New Ford Raptor, Hybrid Expedition, and Many More New Trucks are part of the Ford & UAW $6B Agreement (News)

All new truck and SUV details are here.

ford raptor design sketch
(photo: Ford) Ford Raptor design sketch

Ford and United Auto Workers (UAW) are in the process of finalizing their contracts and agreements. The latest news has to do with a $6 Billion investment into American manufacturing facilities and future vehicle production. It’s a part of a tentative four-year contract. More official details will be shared later.

This manufacturing agreement sheds new light into future Ford truck and SUV models: namely all-new Ford F-150 (including hybrid and all electric), all-new Raptor, all-new Ranger, hybrid Ford Expedition/Lincoln Navigator and much more.

Here is how it breaks down. A complete list of manufacturing investments for vehicles, engines, transmissions, and more is here at Detroit Free Press.

All-new Ford F-150 & Raptor: $1.1B

2021 Ford F-150 towing trailer specs payload
2021 Ford F-150 prototype (photo: TFLtruck)

A $1.1 Billion investment into the Dearborn Truck and Kansas City Assembly lists the following vehicles: all-new Ford F-150, F-150 hybrid/electric (HEV), and F-150 battery electric (BEV) trucks.

This also includes an “all-new Ford Raptor” and production of F-150 BEV batteries.

This report does not include precise timing or dates on when certain trucks and truck models will begin production. We do know that Ford is preparing the hybrid-electric F-150 models for release sometime within the next year.

We have seen many camouflaged new F-150 prototypes testing in public. These a believed to be 2021 models.

2022 ford F-150 bev battery all-electric prototype electric
F-150 all-electric prototype

An all-electric Ford F-150 will come later (sometime after the 2021 model). It’s more difficult to predict the all-new Ford Raptor. Ford may make some additional upgrades to the existing 2nd-generation F-150 Raptor for 2021, and then introduce an all-new 3rd-generation Raptor. Much of this plan is still shrouded in mystery.

It’s interesting to note that the Ford/UAW investment agreement does not specify a hybrid or electric new Raptor. It’s simply referred to as “Raptor”.

All-new Ford Ranger & Bronco: $1.1B

2021 Ford Bronco prototype
2021 Ford Bronco prototype

This investment is focused on the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne. It’s were the current 2019 and 2020 Ford Ranger are being produced.

We all now know that the all-new “big” Ford Bronco will be unveiled in the Spring 2020. Ford made the announcement this week. We also know that the Ranger and the Bronco will share the same production facility.

When will the next generation “all-new” Ford Ranger reach production? We do not know this for sure yet, but it should be before 2023.

There is no mention of a Ranger Raptor or a Bronco Raptor, but there is a listing for a “Bronco/Ranger Mod Center”. What is this for? We do not have an answer yet.

The Cleveland Engine plant is also getting an investment, and it includes continued production of the 2.3-liter turbocharged gas engine “with upgrades”. It would make sense the the 2.3-liter turbo will continue to be used in the Ford Ranger and the upcoming Bronco. We will have to wait for an official word on this.

Ford Expedition & Lincoln Navigator Hybrid

2020 Ford Expedition king ranch
2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch

There is a $1 Billion investment into the Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville. This plant will produce and “all-new Ford Super Duty” within the next four years, but it will also produce an all-new Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator, including hybrid-electric versions of the big SUVs.

Presumably, the hybrid-electric Expedition and Navigator SUVs will use a same or similar powertrain to that in the upcoming Ford F-150 Hybrid.

Ford Transit Electric

Part of the Kansas City Assemble Plant ($400M investment) is for an all-electric version of the Ford Transit van. It’s listed as a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). Presumably it may share much of the power train with the upcoming F-150 BEV. Not many details are yet known.

Ford has invested into Rivian electric vehicle company. Rivian and Amazon recently made an announcement about an electric Rivian delivery van for Amazon. It’s possible that the electric Ford Transit may share some of the components, but we do not have official details on this.