GM Full-size Trucks Outsell Ford F-Series (Q3 2019 Sales Report) – Video

Chevy and GMC trucks together outsell the Ford F-series.

ford f-series truck
Full-size truck sales report – Ford F-series
  • Chevy Silverado + GMC Sierra trucks outsell Ford F-series
  • Ram again sells more full-size trucks than Chevrolet

Lots of surprises this time around as Q3 2019 sales reports come in for United States.

Full-size trucks are still doing pretty well in general, but the segment leading Ford F-series full-size truck sales are down as GM and Ram trucks grow by double digits. The most recent Q3 2019 truck sales numbers are in for the United States. Here is how it all breaks down.

GM Trucks

2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali blue

The good news is a bit of surprise, and comes courtesy of GMC and Chevy trucks. Silverado and Sierra sales have struggled a bit earlier this year, but Q3 2019 shows very strong improvement over Q3 2018. The GMC Sierra is leading the growth charts with an 28.9% sales growth over Q3 2018.

Ram Trucks

Ram once again sold more trucks in Q3 2019 than Chevy sold Silverados. 161,635 Ram trucks found customers last quarter, while Chevrolet sold 153,853 Silverados over the same time period. However, the Silverado sales grew by 16.2% versus 14% growth for the Ram. This sales race is far from over.

Ford Trucks

2019 Ford F-150

What’s happening to the F-series sales? The most popular vehicle in the country is losing some ground in the last quarter. Sales declined -6% for the quarter, and Year-to-date F-series sales are also down -2.4%. We do not have market share data available right now, but it appears that Ford is starting to feel some pressure from its competition.

Since Ford and GM report quarterly, we’re showing a monthly average* for sales by model on both the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. See below for more specific sales of light duty, heavy duty and medium duty trucks below. In the month-over-month and year-over-year totals, we will combine Chevrolet and GMC sales to compare against the competition.

Toyota Tundra had a bad sales month in September 2019, but it’s still holding about even in sales for the quarter with a -1.3% decline over last year.

The Titan truck continues a major sales decline. It’s down -49.2% for the quarter.

Full-size Truck Sales: Q3 2019

ModelQ3 2019Q3 2018Change %
Ford F-Series214,176227,880-6.0%
Ram Trucks161,635142,04414%
GM trucks* (Chevy + GMC)220,051183,79919.7%
Chevy Silverado*-> 153,853-> 132,43116.2%
GMC Sierra*-> 66,198-> 51,36828.9%
Toyota Tundra31,56531,990-1.3%
Nissan Titan7,38614,545-49.2%

General Motors Q3 2019 Sales: By model

GM recently started to report sales broken down by truck classification. They are reporting the 1500 half-ton trucks, separately from the heavy duty trucks, separately from the medium duty 4500/5500/6500 trucks.

ModelQ3 2019Q3 2018Change %
Chevy Silverado 1500119,641101,39018.0%
Chevy Silverado HD34,21231,0414.5%
Chevy Silverado MD1,629NewNew
GMC Sierra 150047,74334,55138.2%
GMC Sierra HD18,45516,8179.7%