Do You Need An Oil Separator For Your Truck? This Ford F-150 Catch Can Shows How It Works

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F-150 oil catch cans are now available

It’s a bit of a head-scratcher, but oil catch cans (oil separators) should be stock items found in all pickup trucks – including the Ford F-150. Just a few years ago, oil catch cans were unknown by most. Now, they are being recognized for their benefit on hard-working engines. These devices can help performance, extend engine life and slow oil buildup inside your engine.

Oil separation

According to, “Back-pressure in the crankcase sends oil vapors back through the intake system where the vapor condenses out and either befouls various working parts or cuts the octane of your truck’s gasoline by diluting it. Superchargers make this problem even worse. However oil separators, which fit inline into the PCV hosing, help prevent this problem.”

There are a variety of filters. Some have micro-filters that trap small particles of oil. Others use a centrifuge-like device to move the heavy oil droplets out of the air. Check out this video which gives you a comprehensive explanation of the oil catch can.

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