Bad News as Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado See Declining Sales Numbers – Ranger and Gladiator Are Gaining Ground (Q3 Sales Report)

It's not all bad news, but it's looking shaky.

2019 july toyota tacoma
Midsize truck sales report – Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado, and Nissan Frontier sales are down in a significant way in the most recent September report. Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator are gaining some ground on competition, while the Honda Ridgeline and GMC Canyon see declines as well.

We expect Ford, GM, and Ram to report sales tomorrow. Please stay tuned to for more news on this.

2019 – Q3 Midsize Trucks

Q3 2019 #Q3 2019/2018YTD 2019 #YTD 2019/2018 %
Toyota Tacoma65,756n/a187,6222.0%
Chevy Colorado31,657-9.5%96,820-7.6%
Ford Ranger26,211New56,512New
Jeep Gladiator16,132New23,384New
Nissan Frontier15,364n/a54,686-8.2%
Honda Ridgeline8,378n/a23,6333.6%
GMC Canyon7,437-11.7%26,3004.1%

*several Q3 percentages are unavailable because Toyota, Nissan, and Honda are not reporting on quarterly basis. We will add this soon.

Once again, the Toyota Tacoma is at the top of the sales heap. However, Tacoma sales in September 2019 are down -17.7% compared to September of last year.

The Chevy Colorado is losing ground in Q3 2019 by -9.5%. Increased competition, and the aging truck could be to blame here. It’s currently unclear whether the UAW factory worker strike is also to blame for decreased sales.

The Ford Ranger appears to be picking up sales momentum. It’s averaging 8,737 truck sold over the last three months.

The Jeep Gladiator cannot match the Ranger sales, but it’s still doing relatively well at an average 5,377 trucks sold per month in the last quarter. The Gladiator is a higher priced lifestyle truck, and the demand appears to still be there.

The aging Nissan Frontier had a bad month in September. It’s losing some sales ground for the year at -8.2%, but the overall sales volume of the Frontier is very close and right behind the new Ford Ranger.

The Honda Ridgeline sales declined slightly in September, but it’s holding its ground overall with a small improvement in sales for the year at 3.6%.

GMC Canyon sales have decreased further in Q3. It is now in the last sales position for the quarter, although it still sold more trucks than the Honda Ridgeline Year-To-Date.

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