Bollinger B2 Electric Truck Has Overland Accessories, But Will It Reach Production?

What does this Bollinger truck look like to you?

2020 bollinger b2 off-road accessories truck electric
Bollinger B2 with off-road accessories

Bollinger is a start-up company that is looking to produce all-electric B2 trucks and B1 SUVs. The idea is to produce off-road ready all-electric vehicles that pack lots of all-terrain capability and street performance.

Bollinger B1

It all started with the B1 two-door SUV that first unveiled in New York in July 2017. It’s now been nearly two years, and the range of Bollinger prototypes has expanded to three. A four-door B1 SUV and a four-door crew cab B2 truck came to the scene.

B2 Electric Truck

The B2 truck has introduced many cargo management innovations. It has a cargo pass-through that goes all the way through the length of the truck. The cab’s rear glass and midgate fold down (similar to the old Chevy Avalanche) to expand the cargo carrying options.

Bollinger quotes the following power numbers for the B2 truck:

  • 614 hp / 688 lb-ft of torque
  • 7,500 lbs of maximum towing
  • 5,000 lbs of maximum payload
  • all-wheel-drive
  • all-aluminum body
  • estimated driving range of 200 miles

Bollinger says they listen to feedback from the community to come up with some of the off-road (or overland) accessories that you see here.

The tube doors, roof rack, lights, extra spare tire, and more add to though and rugged Ranger.

Bollinger currently allows anybody to reserve a truck or SUV with no money down. It’s a no obligation reservation, but it lets Bollinger know the interest.

We still do not have a very good idea when the B1 or B2 vehicle will start to be produced in any significant numbers for public sale. We also do not have a pricing range for these vehicles.