Is the New GMC Sierra 1500 Carbon Composite Bed The Indestructible Light Weight Bed of the Future? (It’s Coming in June)

2020 gmc sierra 1500 denali carbon composite bed
2019 GMC Sierra Denali CarbonPro Edition – bed

GMC announces that the new carbon-composite bed option will be available on 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 and Denali models starting in June 2019. This bed is called CarbonPro Edition, and it has been first shown months ago in prototype form. Now, it’s ready for limited production for 2019 model year truck. 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 trucks will have a wider availability of this bed option.


Will it really be the indestructible bed? GMC has put through some serious testing. They dropped barrels full of water, rocks, and gravel into the bed with just minimal scratches. GMC says the bed is dent, puncture, and scratch resistant. The surface flexes on impact and returns to its original shape.

Lighter and bigger

GMC states that the carbon-composite bed is about 60 lbs lighter than a comparable steel bed. This increase the payload capability of the truck by about the same amount.

The CarbonPro bed also hold 1 cu-ft more volume than GM’s latest and widest beds. It’s because the carbon-composite mold can be formed more precisely and sharper creases. It still offers all the tie-downs and a way to separate the bed with dividers.

There are two additional tie-down points in the front of the bed. This is most useful to tie down motorcycles or bikes.


Now we know pretty much everything about the bed except for the price. Once again, it will be available on the Sierra 1500 AT4 off-road package and the Denali trucks. This is a higher-end option that just that much payload capability and versatility to the truck.