Electric Truck Atlis XP Chassis Is Shown to Investors for the First Time

Atlis XP Platform (photo: Atlis)

Atlis sent an update to its investors today with an image of the XP Platform that is meant to underpin the upcoming Atlis XT pickup truck.

Atlis said the following to accompany the first XP Platform image.

Better pictures will be coming soon, but we wanted to be sure that we update our community of investors on the XP Platform. The suspension is aired up with lots of ground clearance, 99% of the XP platform assembled in this picture. We’ll have better, high-quality photos in another week for everyone to view. Ignore the caps on top.

Atlis Motors

The prototype chassis shown looks much like the earlier renderings. It includes the thick frame rail sections and the main battery pack in the middles.

The hubs still have eight-lugs as it points to the heavy duty truck aspirations for the Atlis XT payload and towing capacities.

Here is all the information and specs we have so far about the Atlis XT (in the video below).