Updated: Is General Motors Investing into Rivian with an Eye on GM’s Electric Pickup Truck?

[Editor’s note:] We initially reported that GM is in talks with Tesla about their electric truck production. As the story developed, the latest news suggests that GM (and Amazon) are looking to invest into an electric vehicle startup company Rivian. Take a look at this report about a possible Amazon and GM investment into Rivian.

2019 GMC Sierra Denali

We have known about Tesla’s plans to build an electric pickup truck for some time. However, a recent report suggests that Tesla may be partnering with General Motors to build the next electric pickup truck. According to CleanTechnica,

Does this sound possible?

We know electric pickups are on the way. Ford already announced their intention to build an electric pickup truck. Similarly, Tesla has made clear their plans for a pickup truck in their all-electric lineup. There are some new companies like Atlis and Rivian who are promising fully-electric pickup trucks in the next few years. Even people within GM have admitted an electric pickup is a possibility. Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC, said about electric pickups, “Certainly, it’s something we’re considering.” On the whole, it seems reasonable that GM would be looking into an electric truck. That’s especially true if the rest of the truck world heads in that direction.

Why collaborate with Rivian?

The main reason GM would want to partner with or invest into Rivian is their working “skateboard” chassis prototype with batteries and electric motors, as well as automotive and software control technical expertise. General Motors, when building the small electric Chevy Bolt, borrowed a lot of powertrain technology from LG. GM has plenty of experience developing a chassis. But, in order to quickly get an effective electric powertrain to market for a truck, it would make a lot of sense to borrow the expertise of a company that has a working prototype and chassis building capacity.

What do you think?

While you think that over, why not check out our video, Rivian R1T prototype truck.