2019 Ram 1500 Multifunction Tailgate Adds Barn Doors to the Bed

Ram is the latest of the big three to take a crack at re-inventing the tailgate with its latest revel, the plainly-named multifunction tailgate.

The party trick of this new tailgate is a 60-40 split, allowing it to open like a set of barn doors. The first clear advantage is being able to step closer to the bed of your truck, allowing for better access to whatever is in the bed.

Ram lists other advantages of the multifunction tailgate as making curb-side loading easier, allowing for simple forklift loading and making it easier to washout the bed. A new step in the center of the truck at the back can also now be had, accessible when both barn doors are open. The step will sell for $295.

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The tailgate gets a 2,000-lb load rating from Ram, and of course, it operates like a normal tailgate as well when the panels are both dropped together. This means that four positions are available: open flat, open left door only, open right door only and both open. Ram says that each door swings open to 88 degrees.

Ram says the multifunction tailgate will be available in the second quarter of 2019 on all of the 2019 Ram 1500’s seven trim levels, coming with a price tag of $995.

This new multifunction tailgate has arrived in the wake of GMC’s multipro tailgate, offering some of the same functionality in terms of easier access to the bed. Ram’s tailgate doesn’t offer the same large step that GMC does, but Ram as quick to point out that its new tailgate can be used while a trailer is attached, something that can’t be said of the multipro.

It seems the battle for tailgate supremacy is just heating up and we’re excited to see what else can be brought into the fight.