Who Will Sink First in the Sand Dunes? TFLtruck’s Fifth Anniversary Off-Road and Camping Extravaganza! [Video]

Hummer vs Jeep TFLtruck celebration

Celebrating TFLtruck’s Fifth Anniversary isn’t an easy thing to do. How do you create something fun for the TFL team to do while making it entertaining for you to watch? How do we celebrate TFLtruck’s Fifth Anniversary in a TFLtruck-like way anyway?

Here is how we did it:

  • We chose to head the North Sand Hills Recreation Area in Northern Colorado for TFLtruck’s Fifth Anniversary. It’s about a three-hour trek and the ORV areas in Sand Hills has over 800 acres of dunes.
  • After gearing up at Mr. Truck’s place, we weighed all of our trucks.
  • On the way to the park, we measured our MPG.
  • We saddle up Kent “Mr.Truck’s” toy hauler with four ATVs/UTVs, bring Tommy’s Jeep, Andre’s Hummer, tons of food to grill, brew and cigars too. Tommy and Nathan slept in their own one-man tents while Andre slept in his Hummer. Everyone else slept in Mr. Truck’s toy hauler.
  • Just for fun, and some great video, we raced the Jeep Wrangler JK and Hummer H2 up some steep dunes. Andre and Tommy are in love with their vehicles, which is exactly why we insisted they push hard in the deep sand. Both vehicles performed well, but limitations were easy to see in both vehicle.
  • We had an exciting day of racing around in Mr. Trucks ATVs. We zoomed everywhere and even had a drag race you can see (here). Nothing better on soft dunes than an ATV!
  • Finally, when all was said and done, we sat down under a billion stars and reminisced about the past five years and which video we liked the best. It was great to look back.
  • The next day, we filmed more ATV action, additional beauty shots and packed up to leave.

We’re hoping to do this trip again, this time with more of the crew (including Roman). All of us at Team TFL are excited about what our most popular website and YouTube channel will do next year. Enjoy our video!

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