Nikola Two Electric Semi Truck: When Will This Fuel Cell Truck Become Reality?

nikola two hydrogen fuel cell electric
Nikola Two : hydrogen fuel-cell electric semi truck

Nikola Two is moving along on its quest to produce an electric semi truck. According to a report, the company says that first tests of the class 8 truck prototypes will commence in late 2018. The company is planning production trucks to roll out in 2021.

The truck’s propulsion system consists of two electric motors/axles, a 320 kWh battery, and a 300-kilowatt hydrogen fuel-cell to generate the necessary power to propel the large truck to up to 1,200 miles between hydrogen re-fuel stops. The powertrain is rated at an even 1,000 hp and 2,000 lb-ft of torque.

Nikola Motors is also said to be partnered with PowerCell AB, a fuel-cell supplier. The Nikole Two concept holds a lot of promises: lower truck weight that allow more freight capacity, better acceleration performance, regenerative braking, zero emissions operation, and more.

You might be asking, what about the Nikola One truck that incorporate a sleeper cab for long haul trucking? The Nikola One truck is still in the picture, but Nikola plans to test and produce the Nikola One after the Nikola Two truck.

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