2017 Chevy HD vs. Ford SD vs. Ram HD: Highway Towing MPG Review with 22,800 Lbs [Video]

This year’s towing MPG loop competitors are: 2017 Chevy HD 3500 with the 6.6L Duramax V8, 2017 Ford Super Duty F-350 with the 6.7L Power Stroke V8, and the 2017 Ram HD 3500 with the 6.7L Cummins I6. Which one of the three brand heavy trucks is best at flat highway towing efficiency? Let’s find out right now.

GM has completely redesigned the big Duramax V8 diesel for 2017. According to Chevrolet, the engine has 90% new parts. It now makes 445 horsepower and 910 lb-ft of torque. The new turbo-diesel is hooked up to a mildly upgraded 6-speed Allison 1000 automatic transmission. Although, the power has been upgraded, the rest of the chassis remains the same. The payload and towing rating get only the slightest bump for 2017. The 22,800 lbs BigTest gooseneck trailer we are towing completely maxes out this Chevy. This truck is equipped with the 3.73 rear differential ratio, the only one available.

The 2017 Ford F350 Super Duty is all new from the frame to the panoramic sunroof. The aluminum-bodied truck rides on a stiffened frame. The truck is full of latest driver aide and convenience technologies, including adaptive cruise control and 360-degree camera view. The upgraded 6.7L Power Stroke V8 diesel is rated at 440 horsepower and 925 lb-ft of torque. The F350 is rated to tow a maximum of 31,800 lbs – the highest towing rating of these three. The rear differential ratio on this truck is 4.10.

The Ram HD is mostly unchanged for this year. The high-output 6.7L Cummins I6 is still rated at 385 horsepower and 900 lb-ft of torque. The rear-end on this truck is a 4.10.

Which diesel will be the most efficient on this loop?  Check out the video right here.