Rednecks in Germany? Around 1,300 Ram Pickup Trucks Set World Record on the Nurburgring

ram pickup truck world record germany

Large gathering of American pickup trucks, Germany, and the famous Nurburgring racetrack would not usually be in the same sentence. However, this is precisely what happened this weekend as Ram truck owners club of Germany got together to set a world record of a largest gathering of pickup trucks.

It’s reported that around 1,300 trucks participated in this event, but there is not yet an official Guinness World Record announcement to verify the claim of this being the largest gathering of pickups.

This event is very special to say the least, but the more interesting part are the actual trucks and people who participated. You will be able to see for yourself in the video below. You will see: Ram and Dodge Ram trucks of many generations, Confederate flags, diesel smoke stacks, lifted trucks, slammed trucks, duallies, SRT10s, stripes, light bars, and modifications of all kinds!

I can say without hesitation that these guys are nuts about their trucks. This is precisely the motivation that got us to publish the Truck Nuts Book: TFLtruck’s Guide to Pickups. It’s great to see that love for pickup trucks is truly international.

Check out the Facebook video feed below to get all the details.