Honda Ridgeline Makes a Splash in June 2016 Sales, Nissan Frontier is Most Improved [Sales]

2017 honda ridgeline awd off-road
2017 Honda Ridgeline

June of 2016 sales reports are more proof that the midsize pickup truck segment is red hot. All five players in the segment had a very strong month in June as well as healthy overall sales for the first half of 2016. Even though the Toyota Tacoma actually decreased in monthly sales compared to last year by 0.9%, it still easily trumped the rest of the field in both monthly and year-to-date sales.

The Nissan Frontier continues to gain in popularity like a fried Twinkie at a state fair. Nissan did not respond to our request for an explanation but we’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments below as to why the Frontier is surging in the sales. If you own a Frontier… how has it been, would you recommend it to a friend?

Lastly but not leastly is the Honda Ridgeline. In one week it sold 2,472 units. Multiply that number by four to estimate a month’s worth of sales. There might just be a new second place winner for July. It will be interesting to see what the truck can do during an entire calendar month.

Midsize Trucks – June 2016 Sales Chart

June 2016 # June ’16 / ’15 % YTD 2016 # YTD ’16 / ’15 %
Toyota Tacoma 15,809  -0.9% 95,035 7.0%
Chevy Colorado 9,049 38.0% 51,227 23.2%
Nissan Frontier 8,166 84.0%  45,011 29.3% 
GMC Canyon 3,398 34.2%  17,362 15.6%
Honda Ridgeline 2,472 n/a 2,474 n/a

To see why people might be interested in the Ridgeline pickup truck – or a “sport-ute”, as some have called it – check out the video below of Roman’s first drive in it.