2017 Honda Ridgeline V6 Fuel Economy Ratings Revealed [News]


2017 Honda Ridgeline
2017 Honda Ridgeline

The second generation Honda Ridgeline has gotten some blowback from the hardcore trucking community due to its unibody construction and standard front-wheel-drive configuration. It is now fighting back with the release of its best-in-class V6 fuel economy ratings of 19/26/22 mpg city/highway/combined. The EPA ratings are posted on fueleconomy.gov and are no surprise since Honda has claimed from day one its new pickup will be the mileage king of the V6 midsize segment. Customers who opt for AWD will be dinged one mpg across the board. For comparison, the 2016 2WD V6 Tacoma is rated for 19/24/21 mpg and a 4WD V6 ‘Taco gets 18/23/20 MPG.

Another claim Honda has made about the upcoming Ridgeline is that it will have best-in-class acceleration. TFLtruck will have the chance to drive the new Ridgeline next week, and we will get our first drive impressions in full. Power will come via the same 3.5-liter V6 found in the Pilot. Horsepower and torque figures have not been released, but in the Pilot the engine is rated for 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft. If these numbers remain the same for the Ridgeline, they will be right on par with the Tacoma’s new V6. It looks like a head-to-head comparison will be in order as soon as we can get a loaner vehicle.

2017 honda ridgeline v6
2017 Honda Ridgeline V6

EPA Fuel Economy of V6-powered Midsize trucks:

Engine/Transmission/Drive EPA Rating
Honda Ridgeline  3.5L V6 / 6-speed Auto / FWD  19/26/22 MPG
Chevy Colorado  3.6L V6 / 6-speed Auto / 2WD  18/26/21 MPG
Toyota Tacoma  3.5L V6 / 6-speed Auto / 2WD  19/24/21 MPG
Nissan Frontier  4.0L V6 / 5-speed Auto / 2WD  16/22/18 MPG


The new Honda will have a maximum payload of right around 1,600 lbs and although towing numbers have yet to be released, we have a pretty good idea that it will be 5,000 lbs with a 500-lb max tongue weight based on a label we spotted on the truck at  the 2016 Chicago Auto Show. Check it out in the video below.

You can also get all the details on Honda’s latest truck in this video.